mushrooms and broomsticks

🐄 about me 🐄

hi there! my name is Pea. i'm a full-time admin by day and closed species guest artist for Loomies and a mod for Pillowings by night.

i really like to be here for people, helping where i can, and i hope that you enjoy my art. keep hanging on!

🐄 tos 🐄


⋆ I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

⋆ You are allowed to post my artwork anywhere, as long as you give proper credit and link back to my page on deviantart, or any other platform I use for art.

⋆ I require a digital or traditional drawn and colored reference of your character for any commission type. It must have clear colors.

⋆ If you need your commission done by a certain date, let me know before hand. I will not be rushed after I’ve accepted your commission.


⋆ I accept USD as payment.

⋆ I will send an invoice via paypal!

⋆ I will not start your commission until you have paid. I require payment within 48 hours.

⋆ I can cancel a commission at any time, for any reason I see fit. In that case, you will receive a full refund.

⋆ If I need to change anything major after the commission is finished due to lack of clarity in the form or on the reference, a maximum of $5 charge will be issued.


⋆ when using my art, please credit me @PeachBee on TH.

⋆ I may post the art on any of my social media. let me know if it's a problem.

⋆ please make sure you ask and credit me when you alter my art.


⋆ you may resell designs/adopts of mine, you cannot resell them for more than you bought them UNLESS the character has additional art.

⋆ If you sell any adopt as nft you lose the rights to the adopt and i am allowed to resell it.

feel free to message me on discord: PeaBandJ#6313

🐄 commissions 🐄

✿ will draw

• anthros
• ferals
• cs
• canons
• nsfw

✿ won't draw

• mecha
• groups (unless paid)
• detailed backgrounds
• humans

hate crimes, loli/foalcon, extreme gore, domestic abuse, I will NOT draw. you will be blocked if i'm pressured on it.

full body


pixel dolls


mood boards


floral portraits


loomie customs

-for loomie customs, you do not need your own MYO.

$ or bulbs

ferret: $10/1050
pet: $10/1050
wild: $20/2500
special: $30/3300

pillowing customs

-for pillowing customs, you will need your own MYO slot.

common: $25
uncommon: $30
rare: $40
very rare: $50
special: $200

other customs

-pony, feral, cs, or furry designs.

simple drawing: $25
reference: $30